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Karen X. Tulchinsky is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter and director.
A graduate of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre, she’s written for The Guard (Global) and Robson Arms (CTV). Her feature length screenplay, I Shot the Sheriff, will be directed by acclaimed, Toronto based director, Clement Virgo (The Book of Negroes).

Tulchinsky’s Short Film, Ms. Thing has screened at over 50 Film Festivals Internationally, including screenings in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Hamburg, Zurich, Barcelona, Milan, Sicily, Durban, Athens and Mumbai and won Audience Choice Award in Australia.

She’s also the Award-winning author of The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky(Talon Books), winner of One Book One Vancouver 2008 and a Toronto Book Award Finalist. The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky was recently named One of the Top Ten Books about Toronto, by the Toronto Star, a list which included Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaantje. Tulchinsky’s other novels are Love Ruins Everything (named a Top Ten Book by the San Francisco Bay Area Reporter, and Love and Other Ruins(Insomniac Press).

Karen X. was writer, story editor and director on Kink(Showcase), & World’s Weirdest Restaurants(Food Network) and a story editor/writer on The Bachelor Canada(CityTV), the Opener and Glutton For Punishment(Food Network), Timber Kings(HGTV), Pyros(Discovery Channel), Border Security(Global), Emerg and First Dates(Slice), and Untold Stories of the ER.

Karen X. has been a story editor on Telefilm-supported, feature length screenplays, Taming Tammy, Anti-Diva, Dowry Kings.

She lives in Vancouver, B.C. where she writes and teaches novel writing and screenwriting at The University of British Columbia.




Feature Films in Development

“I Shot the Sheriff”, Will be directed by Clement Virgo (The Book of Negroes), Conquering Lion Productions/Screen Siren Pictures, Telefilm
“Sara’s Twin”, Punk Films, Harold Greenberg Fund
“The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky” Feature adaptation of the novel, Passionate Warrior Productions
“My Sister’s Wedding,” Feature Screenplay, Passionate Warrior Productions
Developed at Women in Director’s Chair, The Banff Centre
“Ten Thousand Cranes”, Feature Screenplay, Passionate Warrior Productions


Writer Scripted Series
“The Guard”, Global TV, 2008-2009
“Floored by Love”, City TV, 2005
“Robson Arms”, CTV, 2002


“World’s Weirdest Restaurants”, Food Network, 2011-2012
“Kink”, Showcase TV, 2005-2007
A Sign, Priemered at Out On Screen, 2003
“Straight in the Face”, Preimered at Toronto International Film Festival, 2002, Showcase TV, produced by Universal Studios and the Canadian Film Centre
“Ms. Thing”, 2010, Screened at over 50 film festivals internationally, including

Senior Story Editor/Writer

“The Bachelor Canada”, CityTV, 2012, 1014
“World’s Weirdest Restaurants”, Food Network, 2011-1012

Writer/Story Editor

“Border Security”, Global, 2014
“Emerg”, Slice, 2014
“First Dates”, Slice, 2014
“Timber Kings”, HGTV, 2012-2013
“The Nature of Things”, CBC 2012
“The Audience”, W Network, 2012
“Pyros”, Discovery Channel, 2012
“The Opener”, Food Network, 2010-2011
“Glutton For Punishment”, Food Network, 2008-2011
“Dussault Inc., CityTV, 2008






  • Winner of the 2008 One Book, One Vancouver Prize
  • Finalist,Toronto Book Award
  • Named One of the Top Ten Books About Toronto, by the Toronto Star. The list included Margaret Atwood and Michael Ontaantje

In 2003, a mild mannered historian named Moses Lapinksy jots down notes for a biography which is to tell the tale of his father, Sonny, a famous, Jewish-Canadian boxer. As Moses buries himself in his research, he is transported back in time to the pivotal events of his father’s life.

Crammed with humour, sorrow, folly, bravery and the richness of the everyday, Tulchinsky’s brilliant novel traces the remarkable fortunes of generations of the Lapinsky family, bringing life to the character of an entire community.

August 1933: after weeks of tension, on a sweltering night at Christie Pits Park, four youths unfurl a white sheet emblazoned with a large black Swastika, lift their arms and shout, “Heil Hitler!” during a softball game. Within seconds, a group of Jewish youths charge in a struggle to capture the flag, setting off the largest race riot inToronto’s history, involving fifteen thousand people and injuring hundreds.

Tulchinksy takes us inside the life of one immigrant Jewish family, from this pivotal moment, through the war years and into the early 1950’s, creating a stunning fictional statement of a defining moment for a family, a city and a continent struggling with ideas of freedom, tolerance and identity in a world broken by war.

“Tulchinsky’s latest novel might be considered old-fashioned in the very best sense; its got lots of heart.” – National Post





Named A Top Ten Book by The Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco, Love Ruins Everything follows the adventures of Nomi Rabinovitch, a sweet but insecure and bumbling butch lesbian as she recovers from a broken heart and negotiates her way back into the dating scene in San Francisco. Summoned home to Toronto to attend her mother’s surprise second wedding, Nomi is drawn into the AIDS activism of her gay, HIV-positive cousin, Henry and Julie Sakamoto, the new woman of her dreams, as they battle to expose uncomfortable truths about the origins of the AIDS epidemic.

As in real life, humour, romance and tragedy are woven through this warm, funny and thought-provoking portrayal of queer life at the end of the last century.

“Filled with life and cram-jammed with gorgeous prose, Tulchinsky’s tragicomic tale heralds the arrival of a singular voice.” – Toronto Star

“Tulchinsky writes adeptly and with passion…and she has something important to say.” –  Globe and Mail




Love and Other Ruins (Insomniac Press)

The sequel to Love Ruins Everything, Love and Other Ruins picks up the story four months later as the characters prepare for the approach of the Millennium. Over the course of the year 1999, Nomi Rabinovitch and her lover, Julie Sakamoto, negotiate the joy and pain of a long-distance relationship; Nomi’s cousin Henry devotes more energy to AIDS activism, even as he must cope with intense treatments as his health declines; and Solly and Belle, Henry’s estranged parents, are drawn closer by their shared love for their son. And Bubbe, aged somewhere between 92 and 97, might be hard of hearing, but she’s certainly not blind to the crazy events swirling around her.

A joyful, hilarious, and often very touching story of love, pain, activism and family, Love and Other Ruins offers readers another chance to spend time with the delightfully engaging Nomi Rabinovitch and her eccentric friends and relatives.




In Her Nature (Women’s Press)

WINNER of the Vancity Book Prize

Desire, hot sex, cool sex, grieving and thriving as a Jewish dyke – it’s all here in this rich and warm debut collection of short stories. From the flirtatious adventures of Bobby Silverstein to the in yer face politics of Kayla Rosenbaum, In Her Nature beats with the heat-seeking energy of women who grab life by the gut and live it to the ma. A delicious slice of life born and lived lesbian.

“These interrelated stories are lesbian centred, but richly inclusive of grandparents, parents, gay male friends, straight friends, most of whom come to some accommodation with the funny, sexy, kind young women who love and desire each other.” – Jane Rule

“Tulchinsky’s pitch is perfect.” – Publishers Weekly


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Ms Thing

Starring Melanie Bray
Directed by Karen X. Tulchinsky
Written by Mette Bach
Director of Photography: Dianne Whelan
Art Director: Ken Boesem
Edited by Jenypher Fisher
Produced by Claire Queree
Music by Andrea Hector

Brief Synopsis

Ms Thing: An emotionally volatile urban lesbian is looking for love in all the wrong places until she finds it in an unusual package. The craze is revolutionizing lesbians across the world.

Longer Synopsis

Ms. Thing is a spoof on the late night TV infomercial. It follows the story of Jill, an emotionally volatile urban lesbian who is looking for love in all the wrong places. She’s a failure at dating. Her new, live-in relationship crumbles over a domestic difference.

Just as she reaches an all-time low, stalking her ex on her social networking site, Jill’s knight in shining armor appears at the door. Not a man. Not even a woman. Jill’s prayers are answered by Ms. Thing, the perfect solution for women who are fed up with conventional relationships. Ms. Thing caters to her every need, provides unconditional love and long lasting sexual satisfaction.

Jill is not alone in finding her soul mate. In a craze that sweeps the nation, everyone has fallen for Ms. Thing.

Ms. Thing has screened at over 50 Film Festivals, internationally, including screenings in Paris, London, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Sicily, Hamburg, Toulouse and Mumbai. It screened at the Cork International Film Festival in Ireland, Festival Del Sol in Spain and won AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at QueerFruits Australia.



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